i keep seeing the promo pictures for 10.1 and i just. yeah, super evil demon man dean, dangerous mark of cain dude, super evilly asking about the happy hour specials. just letting all that dark hell energy out into the microphone, hitting a little falsetto on shoot to thrill, telling people to tip their servers, he’ll be here all week. mark of cain dean eating away his vicious bloodrage with the spicy jalapeno popper pick-three appetizer plate


Anonymous asked:

So you think in season 10 sam should be the one that want to kill dean?

drugstiel answered:

No, I’m saying it’s completely out of character for Cas to be telling Sam that they’re going to have to kill Dean if things don’t go right.

And here’s what’s wrong with that. That was perfectly normal to hear from Cas in season 4. Everthing about season 4 Cas was “for the greater good.”

Give me one thing Cas has done since season 4, good or bad, that wasn’t in the name of Dean.

You can’t do it, because when it comes to Dean, Cas loses all sense of levelheadedness. He will do anything for Dean, and that is canon.

Sam on the other hand is more levelheaded. He focuses on the greater good. He didn’t search for Dean when Dean was in Purgatory because he felt as if it was the least wise decision.

Which is why it’s utter bullshit that their roles are reversed for this? No. I’m saying Sam is the one who should be saying “we’re going to have to kill Dean if things go downhill.” It’s disappointing that the writers a) don’t seem to know how to write their own characters or b) focus so immensely on the brothers they forget characterization and continuity.


When I read that spoiler I couldn’t believe it??? This is so outrageously ooc for Castiel, what the hell do they think they’re doing? Have they sworn to completely ruin his character after they already did their best in Season 9?

Is this a big “ah we hate Castiel just as much as the justdabrudders do, let’s completely ignore canon until he’s the bad guy who doesn’t give a flying fuck about Dean and cares only for the greater good because the last five Seasons didn’t happen, he didn’t die for him like, four times just because he cared so much about him, and character development isn’t our favourite topic anyway”

I swear when they said Sam and Cas won’t work together for two reasons one reason is that Cas has “important” business in heaven and the second is that Sam wants to save Dean while Cas wants to kill Dean.

Fuck everything.